Web Marketing - How We Work?

Keywords (KW) and Competition

Only a right keyword helps the site stand in the tough web competition. Based on the niche of the site, our expert SEO team builds the required keywords. A collection of keywords with the market statistics collected from the major search engines is compiled.

A Business Plan Document

We analyze your business idea, do a thorough market and competitor research, analyze the technology elements and provide a web business strategy and execution plan. This is a senior level operation. We will provide wire frames and visualize the website.

Promote and Brand

A fully functional site needs to be promoted in the best possible way. Only a well-promoted site excels in the high demand market. To promote your site and sell the brands we follow the following 4 ways.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging & Online Promotion
  • Web Advertising & Use of Online Videos

Niche Research : Once we have found your niche area, we need to do a research before we start building your niche website. The research we do involves analyzing the supply and demand for the theme.

Link Exchange: It is a process or practice of exchanging your website links with other websites. This helps in generating more traffic to the website. Our talented employees know just the right place for your links to help generate more traffic.

Directory Exchange: Exchanging or submitting your links in their relevant directories is made much simpler with our experts. They make sure that your links reach only the right place and increasing the inflow of traffic to your site.

Press Release: We also send press releases in the form of text or pictures to the media or other public relations companies. This also helps the public know more about your company, its developments, events, product launch and more.

Blog Management : Blogs are said to represent the personality of the author or the site. We provide you an excellent place to publish your blogs in your website. Equipped with the latest features, our blogs are easy to manage and provide rich user interface.

Newsgroup Participation : Newsgroups are like electronic bulletin boards where their corresponding subjects organize topics. Including all the regular features our news groups also provide the latest in technology like RSS feeds and Atoms.

Social Bookmarking : Also known as the personal knowledge management tools this allows users to save and categorize a collection of bookmarks over a network. Over a network, users can also share bookmarks, add them to their collection and also subscribe to it.

Community Site Building : Building a community of people with similar interests and thoughts. A place where they can communicate, chat and discuss on various topics.

Partner Identification : Process of exchange of content for a plug or a link or for content from other sites. This has proven to be one of the greatest ways for building Link Exchange. Article directory marketing.

Competition Analysis : The intensive view of the competitors is one of the analytical tools used to arrange the competition strategy.